by The Adelaide Crows

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released June 5, 2013

Owen Virtue – Vocals/Guitar/Hawaiian Shirts/Fairy Lights
Kirk Ballantyne – Mustang Sally/Vocals/Drums/Unemployment
Robin Leppitt – Bass/Vocals/Short Attention/Thriftiness
Owen Bennett – Drums/Vocals/Guitar/IMDB Trivia Expert

Thanks to Nancy Butterworth for the artwork, Julian McKenzie for the recording etc, and Michael Cini for being a good dude.



all rights reserved


The Adelaide Crows Melbourne, Australia

The Adelaide Crows are a Melbourne based quartet who blend harmonic tones with feet stomping power chords.

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Track Name: Capital City
Dance the waltz, and sing along baby
I've been thinking of running away lately
I’ll pack up my bag
Turn this dirt race into drag
and head to your mother country

But while I was dreaming of the unknown and highlights
You were dreaming of warmer nights
So you hijacked a northern plane
Went to 7/11 along the way
and went to South America

I’ll be thinking of you more than I fear
I’ll be watching your direction, while you watch me disappear

Explore the world, get yourself lost with me
But your heart still lies in the capital city
and it’s way damn far and it ain’t that pretty
come on waste your life rest your head on mine

While I showing Shiites their human rights
You were up by the northern lights
So I took my new friends on the way,
ended up going a different way
and starting a holy order

But then I heard, you’d escaped to south China,
You know I couldn't think of too much finer
But I missed you by an eye, got arrested as a spy
and was interviewed all night

And while they were questioning me on all these faces
I told them I’d been to 700 different places looking for...

I’ll register my plans with A-S-I-O
But if I'm pushed to the ground, the longer I go
Oh holy man, I'm a drink my way up the north coast
the further I go, the further I grow

I’d spend my time at your university
But I ain’t that smart, and I ain’t that witty
instead I'm going somewhere Facebook won’t get me
I'm gonna waste my life then come racing back this the southern city

She said ooh, let’s move right away from the sea
And for a little while the thought appealed to me

Hey middle class life, I ain’t going to need ya
I'm heading up north to Indonesia
Promote refugee rights
meet Australians all night
then buy me a motorbike

(Then I'm gonna) Lose my way, head to Burma
Find and meet Aung Sun Suu Kyii
She’s going to dignify me
Gonna be a revolutionary
You know it ain’t that scary
I’ll sell melons by day and fight the government by night
Ooh, doesn't that sound alright.

Let’s explore the world get yourself lost with me
But your heart still lies in the capital city
and it’s way too far and it ain’t that pretty
come on waste your life rest your head

I’d spend all my time at your university
But I ain’t that smart, and I ain’t that witty
I'm simply going somewhere Facebook can’t get me
Come on waste your life, rest your head on mine
Track Name: Left Handed
Send a message by fax or pigeon
I'm heading out on the road to start a new religion
Cause the world’s falling apart at the helm and the seams
So I'm passing my life off to my half baked dreams

And I've seen the future screaming out your name
And I don’t get excited cause I know it’ll just be the same

Early morning, the world’s fresh from the brawling
My head is aching, the grounds are shaking and icebergs are falling
So we spend all weekend thinking we’ll fix it all before light
Lord knows we’re gunna loose, and fall ten feet into the night

So watch out for my brain, it’s pouring on the road
dripping out of my ears and pouring all over your damn toes

Soldier on, put your hopes on me
Get your heart a little harder, and lose it to the breeze
We’ll lose our ragged souls, put the lights down low
and dance all night until the first train home

I'm getting old and just a little bit lonesome
And this world’s too cold and a little bit wholesome
Maybe I should start drinking in the morning, or head out on the run
But it’s hard enough trying to forget all the stupid things I've done

I can’t shake this feeling, why don’t you come out and try it
Cause it ain’t too long till I start me a ri-ri-riot.

Soldier on, put your credit on me
I’m a loose this rotten soul, head out on the sea
Hurricanes all night, shows the future ain’t bright
But get along, put high hopes on me
Not much longer to go, till trees fall down like leaves
Water levels are low, the worlds gunna lose don’t you know
So let’s forget all our troubles by the first train home

Come on through Lord send me a disease
The timings right for me
In the morning I can’t see
I'm as useless as can be
But who cares, ooh not me

Forget about the world and its lurch to the right
Forget we’re gunna loose and go out dancing all night
Not much longer to go, till the future we know
Forget that we don’t love each other on the first train home
Track Name: Williamstown Beach
Under the waves at Willy beach
I played the song that you wrote for me
I felt the starfish flee the sea
One south bound train post-one look at me

As the waves crashed over me
They pulled me deeper and deeper under the sea
I saw your face swim up from the deep
the situation become really hard to believe

Come on baby, won’t you dance with me
I spent all my money on bad ecstasy
I know I learned my lesson but hey it ain’t too dear for me
When the martyr comes out, avert your eyes
I get so god damn expressive every time

This lonely lane is alone with me
And I'm pushing away green grass with the souls of my feet
Before the world sets its dogs on me
I took your hand and pulled your face a little closer to me, and I said

Come on baby, won’t you stay with me
I spent all my money on that lost memory
See the eyes (see the eyes) on the wall (on the wall) behind me
They've been watching me since we left to go our own way
No matter how hard I try they’ll never go away

Come on baby, won’t you dance with me
I spent all my money on bare unneccesities
I know I learned my lesson but it doesn't even matter to me
I'm already messed up on your sombre melody
And it’s unknown future is just way too hard on me
So I’ll spend my life lost underneath the sea
Track Name: The Love Affair
We are expanding all the time
Together, we're taking over
These are our streets
Spread the word around, spread it around
You have a choice which you now must make
Either fight or co-operate
But when your fighting tazers guns
These fights, don't last

Why dont you go and lead the resistance
Fight us and exploit our weakness, now
I dont think you understand power
I'm prepared to teach you a lesson

Latley, the streets they stink of sweat
They're camping on our dignity
You should have faith in
Our spray to mask, the Scent. Mask the scent

Why dont you think its gonna go well, why dont think its gonna go well
I know why its not gonna go well, I know why its not gonna go well
Cause we've got the courts
to accept our reports
you know the law has a deep respect
for the force, its love affair.

Two months training you can join
Track Name: Mr. Rabbit
I Took a ride out to the city
And I sold all my money to the streets so gritty
I burnt through my eyes, and lost all my memory, to the breeze

And as my night turned to the station,
I lost myself to imagination
Of you, In the height of power, and I cried

I’ve got these crazy thoughts on my mind, and they ain’t that kind
Could my better nature shine bright? But the future’s in my eyes
And if it goes on, I will start to lose my mind, loose my mind. 

So I wrote myself up a plan
And the thought pulled me back to ground
And I knew I'd get you when you were all alone, all alone.

TV said your race was almost furled
It’s just the irony of this cruel, cruel world
Get your shades on, cause that sky is falling down, to me it’s bound

I’ve got these crazy thoughts on my mind, and they ain’t that kind
Could my better nature shine bright? But the future’s in my eyes
And if it goes on, I will start to lose my mind, loose my mind.

I’ll lose the crazy thoughts of mine cause they ain’t that kind
And better nature will shine bright, but the future’s in my eyes
And it will go on, and I will start to lose my mind, lose my mind
Track Name: Durestless
I was caught by the highway with millions in my sight, coppers to the left of me and soldiers to the right, ooh pressures on me
So they threw my pretty self in the drunk tank for a fright, the brightness of the days turned into cold nights, ooh pressures on me

There I met my future wife and we spent the night together, leaning on the bars and talking ‘bout the weather, It became clear to me
That I’d lost my well built mind to some luckless pretty sinner, and I’d now do anything just to be with her, it was plain to see

I knew money turned worlds round for lovers, and you planned the future for one another, all summer long and all through the nights, ooh pressures on me

So I woke up in the winter not knowing where to sleep, you’d took fiscal plans and hopes all away from me, ooh took it all from me
Now I'm lying in the gutter while dreaming grandeur dreams, with all the rats and flies taking pity on me, ooh pity on me

Now the world’s just that little more scary, and I'm just that little bit ordinary. All summer long and all through the night, ooh pressures on me.

I Could move on to new roads and misadventures, but I guess I’ll just stay a total unknown
Live day to day, I learnt life the hard way, pressure’s on me.

Maybe you think I'm just a little crazy, but maybe I'm just a little bit all alone
All summer long, and all through the night, ooh pressure’s on me.

Get this load off me

I could be wholesome and daring
Could run away from home
But maybe you’re just a ghost
Who’s haunting me.